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The Yawara Stick Training Guide

No human is immune to assaults, muggings or attacks. They are some of the undesirable features of human existence from which we seek protection. Over centuries and millennials, humans have developed the act of self-defense as a form of protection through the application of various weapons, skills and techniques.

“Training guide on the Yawara Stick,” an E-book by Joe Bertoni with over 100 pages, uncovers the efficacy of the Yawara Stick as a combat weapon for self-defense by individuals and law enforcement officers. The Yawara Stick, a small Japanese combat weapon made of wood was primarily used by monks in medieval Japan as a combat tool for self-defense and has proved effective and effectual over centuries. Its applications in modern times is however, necessitated by the need for humans to be equipped with a lethal combat weapon that is handy and portable.

This E-book covers the history and prior applications of the Yawara Stick and teaches different methods applied in handling the Yawara Stick. It explains various skills and techniques required for effective application of the Yawara Stick and will take you through training modules on each particular skill and technique, with illustrative pictures for apt visualization.

Of great importance is a full assimilation of this book’s contents as it does not only describe the use of the Yawara Stick for combat but gives well explicated insights and practicable teachings that will empower every reader combat ready for any form of physical attack. You will be able to download this E-book as soon as you purchase it.

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