Introduction To The Yawara Stick

The Yawara Stick

In 1940 Professor F.A Matsuyama introduced the Yawara Stick to the U.S. I believe because the Yawara Stick basics were easy to learn and police officers could immediately apply it as an effective tool, it was quickly adopted by police officers and law enforcement agencies.

Yawara Stick And Law Enforcement 

I have personally deployed the Yawara Stick in the field many times and have used it more often than my baton. The Yawara Stick can be used to assist with applying control holds, takedowns, nerve stimulation, and also as an impact weapon. The Yawara Stick provides you with a multitude of force options. It can be used in applying low, intermediate, or high levels of force. I highly recommend this tool for professionals working patrol or corrections. This tool is also very well suited for detectives ,plain clothed officers and for those who work in the field of personal security.  

Yawara Sticks & Kubotans For Self-Defense

The Yawara Stick or Kubotan is an excellent personal defense tool for men and women who are looking to even the playing field when it comes to personal defense. The Yawara Stick techniques can easily be adapted to various improvised weapons, such as flashlights, pens, and even cell phones. Within a very short period of time, you can learn the basic techniques and have the skills needed to better defend yourself. 

Yawara Stick For The Martial Artist

Various forms, shapes, and sizes of the Yawara Stick have been used in many of the martial arts around the world.  Some of the names given to this amazing little stick in addition to Yawara Stick are Koppo StickKubotanPalm StickDulo-Dulo to just name a few.  Beyond all the improvised weapons that could be used in place of the Yawara Stick, the techniques can also be easily modified and adapted to other small weapons such as knifes and spikes. For the martial artist, training in the use of the Yawara Stick can create new and endless possibilities of exploration. The imaginative martial artist will no doubt discover many variations and applications that can be used with the Yawara Stick or with similar types improvised weapons.