The Tactical Pen

The first time I heard of a tactical pen I thought it was a stupid idea. I was use to traditional weapons and thought this was just another sales gimmick.  I thought to myself, “Why would you want to purchase a tactical pen when you could just use a regular pen in the same way!” and by carrying a tactical pen you are telling everybody you are looking for trouble. If for some reason you used the tactical pen for self-defense you may need to explain why you were carrying a tactical pen.

However, the more I thought about the tactical pen and its possible advantages, the more I like what a good tactical pen could have to offer.


Let's Take A Look At The tactical Pen

Most tactical pens are made out of machined steel or high-quality aircraft aluminum. There are a few made out of high quality plastics. This is great for durability and reliability. 

Most tactical pens can be used as a multipurpose tool.  Besides being a writing instrument, they may include a glass breaking tool, a flashlight, or a combination of both. If you search, there are other options out there that you can find.  The tactical pen is not just for self-defense and you may choose to carry a tactical pen for one of the reason listed above.

Is The Tactical Pen Practical?

As a law enforcement officer, I know that I can be going from writing down information to fighting for my life in a matter of moments.  Having a way of being able to defend myself already in my hand is a defiantly advantage.  

If I found myself in a situation where I need to use a pen to defend myself and knowing that most real fights are not over with just one strike, I want something that will stand up to the challenge. If my life depends on it, then I want a pen that will be able to deliver multiple strikes without failing me.

I like self-defense tools that are easy to carry and easy to access when I need them.  A tactical pen can be in your hand or in a pocket for easy access. Most people will not know you are carrying a tactical pen and that can be a plus in some situations where you may not be allowed to carry weapons.

It is unlawful to carry certain weapons in various states and or countries. A tactical pen maybe an exception to this rule. (Always check your local laws)

When talking about carrying tactical equipment, I had a friend who would always say, “Light is right”.  He felt that too many people carry way too much tactical equipment on them. That saying has always stuck with me.  So having a piece of equipment that I can use as a multipurpose tool and also use to protect myself is a good option for me.

Using A Weapon Or Tactical Pen In A Fight

If you are going to be using a weapon at all, then you will need to be able to justify why you used a weapon.  This is not exclusive to just tactical pens.

Unless you are working in a profession were you are given laws and policies describing your force options, you should never use any type of weapon unless you can justify the use of that weapon.  If you use a yawara stick, kubotan, or a tactical pen in a fight or in a disagreement, you will have to answer for your choice. 

Keep an open mind when deciding if the tactical pen is something you may want to add to your self-defense collection or training.

Final Notes On The Tactical Pen

There are all types of tactical pens out there on the market.  If you choose to purchase a tactical pen, I would purchase the best one you can for your budget. Like anything out there on the market, there are great products and there are junk products. Be sure to read the reviews and buy the one that is right for you.  

Click on this link to look at some of the different types of tactical pens on the market: Explore Tactical Pens


What are your thoughts about the tactical pen? Feel free to leave your comments and thoughts below. We can all learn from each other.