Personal Safety - Observation Training

Find The Threat - Personal Safety Training

In this video we will be working on finding the threat.  When it comes to your personal safety it is important that you are able to use your observation skill to identify possible threats.  When you have good observation skill you will be able to better protect yourself and the ones you love.

Many times we place ourselves in a location or a situation and we never notice what is really there. We don’t take the time to identify what threats may be out there and awaiting us.  It’s important that you start taking the time to use your awareness skills and start paying attention to what is happening around you.  If you do not have good observation skills then you will not have good situational awareness. Having good situational awareness and good observation skill is a key to personal safety.

Observation Training Tip: When looking for threats, first take a visual overview of the area. Next visually scan the area from right to left or left to right. Last narrow you visual search and look at all the small details of the area.