Email From Rick ( The 3D Stick)

Rick sent this to me and I wanted to share it with you.

Hi Joe,

Here's the new toy. I started out calling it a 'mini', but I don't think that does it justice.

So for now it's 3D, as in discrete defensive device (See ATT. 1-of-5)

The idea was - discrete, easy to pocket, but always at hand, and a reason for being there. So, it's a tension
reliever (or worry stick, as our Asian friends would say.) roll it in your hand, rub it with your fingers. (2-of-5)
Far better than jingling the coins in your pocket, or trying to pocket a tennis ball.

It's so compact it almost disappears as you hold it, and so innocuous you can walk around with it in your hand. 
But with one end tucked against your palm, make a fist and you have an uber effective thumb jab or thrust. (4-of-5)

Placing your thumb over the top re-positions the stick for a hammer strike. (5-of-5) You can also position it upward for a
reverse strike. The surface grooving provides a superior grip (compared to any Kubotan style stick) Granted, it won't
equal the Yawara strike through heavy clothing, but I think it can handle most other functions, even hooking.

I'll send you one to play with in a week or so.

Cheers, Rick

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