Cold Steel 91SPB Pocket Shark Pen Review

By Jim Woodward

The Pocket Shark self-defense marker made by Cold Steel didn't catch my eye at first. Why do I need an oversized marker to use as a self-defense tool? It just wasn't drawing me in. (no pun intended) I have a couple Kubotan key chains, a couple yawara sticks, I just wasn't feeling it. So why did I buy one? It was a late night impulse buy from EBay.

"It's made from high impact plastic and features walls that are 4 times thicker than similar markers. This means it's built for impact and will survive the meanest blows and roughest treatment imaginable and still function like new. Drop it, smash it, roll over it with a car, and it will bounce back." - That's what it said on the advertisement. I don't have time for all that. I work in Corporate Security, suit tie and a Glock on the hip. I'm always looking for something that looks professional that I can use on security details in a non-lethal situation. 

The best review I can give is a pro/con list:

PRO : Impact plastic (dropped from four floors on asphalt, didn't even scuff).
The flat tips on each end of the pen find the nerves like any yawara.
Easy to clip on and retrieve from an inside pocket or belt. 
The cap screws on the marker keeping it secure, it doesn't go flying off.
Since its thicker than a regular marker it feels better in the hand.
With a medium fine marker tip, it writes great.

CONS : Even though it never slipped from my grasp, I would feel better if it had ridges
on the base end for better pain compliance and grip enhancement.
I'm not a big fan of the logo on the base of the marker. I'd prefer it in all black. 

Long review short. I'm enjoying my new addition to my EDC. The price is right, Cold Steel is notorious for making quality products and they have not failed in the Pocket Shark. I give it **** out of five.