Yawara Coconut Test

Hey Joe,

I just wanted to share the results of my yawara-coconut test with you. I got so tired of seeing online forums where guys talk about how ineffective the yawara/kubotan is that I decided to do some Cold Steel style testing and see just how much damage it can do. First, I'll give you a little background on myself. I do not claim to be a martial artist, but I am a self-defense enthusiast and have been collecting/studying all forms of weaponry since childhood. Approximately 30 years, give or take. Anyway, after a long obsession with swords, tactical folders, and brass knuckles, I stumbled onto the yawara about two years ago. I immediately fell in love, recognized it's potential, and it quickly became my favorite tool in my edc arsenal. Now, I do not promote cracking someone's skull open with a yawara, but I did this test to show all the non-believers out there just how effective a yawara can be and that is should be respected. It took four hard hits to completely destroy this coconut with my aluminum yawara (6"x1"). People forget that is wasn't guns and knives that put mankind on the top of the food chain. It was rocks and sticks. I love your videos and thanks for sharing your passion with us.

Best Regards,

Joe Miller

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