It Doesn't Have To be Expensive To Be Effective

I received this email from Rick Beckrich. I love receiving these emails from you. I always ask permission before sharing them. 

Here's a short section of a hardwood branch utilized as pocket stick. The bark was peeled and the both ends sanded round. The worm tracks
around the surface add interest (joke) as well as a much improved grip.
Approximate dimensions are 6 1/4" long, and about 5/8" in diameter.
This is the skinniest stick I can securely hold without some kind of aid

(I'm now 80+ and my grip "ain't what it was"... not much else is either.)

Looks stupid, don't it? It's not. It will severely dent a car door with even
a reduced power stroke; I said it was hardwood, but forgot to mention what
kind - this piece was harvested from a Maryland Persimmon tree, 

That tree is right up there with Ebony on the tough-wood scale, but Hickory (Think old hammer handles) or any good, dry, hardwood should suffice.  "Looking back at the investment in time that I spent making the stick, I would have been better off buying one of your coco sticks." I mean that.

Back in the early 80's, Grandmaster Jhoon Rhee showed me a similar piece
which he called a "Prayer Sick". Also heard it referred to as a "Worry Stick", 
as in something you could rub or finger to relieve tension. Both names suggest
you have a justifiable reason to have it on your person...  just sayin'.

Rick Beckrich

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