Self-Defense Training Using The Palm Strike

Today we will be working on self-defense training using palm strikes. This video will show you how to use the palm strike for self-defense and how to implement it into your training.  The palm strike is very good tool to be used as a distraction strikes. The targeting area for this strike is to the face of the attacker. When used properly and in the right circumstances, the palm strike is a great alternative to using a punch.

Self-Defense Palm Strike Basics

Start off with a combat stance with your hands up.  As you deliver this strike, extend your arm out as if you are pointing at the target. Keep your shoulders down and relaxed.  This strike moves in a straight ling along the centerline of your body to the centerline of your target.  Picture a string running from the center of your chest to the center of the target’s face.  You want your hand to follow the line of the string. 

When striking the target, you want to use the lower portion of the palm to strike the target. If you strike the target with the upper area of your palm you will cause your hand to bend backwards and you will cause injury to your wrist. So be sure to strike the target with the lower area of the palm. The lower part of the palm has the most strength and is stable because the extended arm is supporting it.  

The open hand of the palm strike should not be completely veridical or strait up and down.  The hand should be slightly rotated or turned so the fingers and the hand are at an approximate one or two o’clock position.

Be sure when you train to alternate using both hand and practice delivering multiple strikes.  Be sure to stay relaxed with your shoulders down and remember to breathe out as you deliver the strike.

I hope you have enjoyed learning this self-defense strike.  Be sure to share this post with your family and friend and be sure to check back soon for new posts on self-defense and personal safety. 

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