Knife Defense Training - Jab Strike

Knife Defense Training

Welcome to the first module in knife defense or how to use a knife in a self-defense situation.  In this training we will be working on using a jab strike with the knife. 

If you have followed any of my other training videos you will be very familiar with this movement.  We are going to start with the basic jab strike. This is probably the most realistic type of attack with a knife. 

First lets talk about the knife and safety.  Be sure to start your training with a training type knife and do not use a real knife for any type of training unless you have been training with a knife for a very long time and never use a real knife when working with a training partner. 

When you are selecting the type of knife you will be using, be sure that the knife has some type of guard between the handle and the blade. This may be a partial guard or a recessed area on the knife. We want to be sure our hand will not slip or move forward over the blade.  I prefer training with smaller type knifes.  I like to keep things realistic and in doing so I would most likely be carrying a knife I could easily carry in my pocket or if I am working on patrol a knife that I can clipped onto my uniform.

A little reminder, I would never use a knife in a fight unless my life depended on it.  So if you feel you need to use a knife in defense situation you had better be able to justify its use.  You should also know your local laws on what type of knife you can legally carry or not carry. Always check with your local law enforcement before making a decision to carry a knife on your person.  And never say you carry a knife for defense. Knifes are utility type tools and most likely you will use the knife for utility type things before ever using it for defense. 

Jab Strike Technique With a Knife

You want to start from the combat stance.  Start your movement by jabbing to the front with the knife.  Keep your shoulders relaxed and your elbow in.  You want the knife to travel the shortest distance possible to the target.  Practice using multiple strikes together and don’t leave the knife out in space but with each jab retract the knife quickly.  There are many areas you can target but we will get more into that later, but to start, look for soft target areas such as the throat or stomach area. We will work on more precision type strikes later. I just want you to practice moving up and down the target for now.  

As you deliver the strike practice moving from a combat stance into a deeper front stance. Remember to feel and flow during the strike.  Move back and forth between the combat stance and the deeper front stance.  Ok remember there are a lot of variations with any one type of strike and this is just to get you started.  We will get into more soon. 

If you are looking for a good training knife then here is one worth checking out. I like the fact you can practice opening and closing it.