Knee Strikes & Body Conditioning

Knee Strikes and Body Conditioning (Video)

Most of the time we stay focused on the use of the Yawara Stick, but in this video and future videos I want to start expanding the training into body weapons, body conditioning and other types of training. 

This video will be focused on body conditioning for knee strikes and building a strong base and core.  Remember there and many ways to deliver knee strike and this is just one way. 

You want to start off with your feet about should with apart.  While keeping your eyes up, your back straight, and your shoulders relaxed you want to squat down. As you stand back up bring either one of your knees up along the centerline of your body to deliver a knee strike. After completing the knee strike drop the leg back down and return to a squat position. As soon as you are in a squat position go back up into a standing position and deliver a strike with the other knee. You want to rotate knee strikes each time.

To intensify the training: 

1. Change the speed of the rotations

2. Hold the squat position for an extended amount of time

3. Hold the standing position with your knee up for an extended amount of time

Hold the squat position

Hold the standing position with your knee up