How To Use An Umbrella As A Weapon For Self-Defense

How to use an umbrella as a weapon. Have you ever wondered how to protect yourself with everyday objects?  Or have you asked yourself how to use an umbrella for self-defense.  In this self-defense video we will give you a couple basic self-defense techniques to get you started on learning how to defend yourself with an umbrella.

Technique one Jab strike:

 Start of with the umbrella in your strong hand. This can either be your right or left hand. 

 Stance:  You wan to be in a natural stance. Your feet are approximately shoulder with apart.

 Hands: are relaxed and down to your side. Grip the shaft of the umbrella.

 Step forward with your strong side. As you are stepping forward, bring the butt of the umbrella up alongside your body.

 Using a straight-line attack, drive the butt of the umbrella forward.  Thrust the umbrella into the target.

 Bring your off hand up with the attack to protect your face.

Technique Two Rake Strike:

 With this strike we are attacking with the tip of the umbrella.

 The butt of the umbrella will travel up across your body.

 At the same time you want to be stepping forward.

 Your off hand should meet the butt of the umbrella around the center line of your body.

 As you take hold of the umbrella be sure you have an apposing grip.

 Continue the movement up at a 45-degree angle.

 The tip of the umbrella should slice up through the target.

 Picture the tip of the umbrella slicing up from right to left or left to right.  This will depend on what side you start from.

 Be sure to drop your hips as you deliver this attack.

Technique Three Tip Strike:

 Bring the butt of the umbrella up across your body into your off hand.

 The umbrella should now be alongside your head.

 Secure the umbrella with the off hand. Your off hand elbow should be down.

 The tip of the umbrella should be pointed at your target.

 Launch the tip of the umbrella forward in a direct line to the target.

 Notice my elbows are down and in.  Drive your hands and body forward into the target.

 This is a great follow-up from the rake strike. As you complete the rake strike, you will find yourself already in a position to deliver this tip strike.

Technique Four Forearm Black / Cross Body Butt Strike:

 Step forward with the shaft of the umbrella running down along your forearm.

 Drive your forearm out as if you were delivering a strike with the shaft of the umbrella. Block with the feeling you are attacking the attacker’s strike. 

 After blocking your attacker’s strike, drive their arm back and opening them up for a counter attack.

 With your off hand secure the lower shaft area of the umbrella.

 With a snapping and a push pull motion, trike the target with the butt of the umbrella.

Be sure you use your entire body and your hips in delivering this strike.

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