Fighting Stance To A Front Stance

Is this video we will be working on transitioning from a combat fighting stance into a front stance. We use this stance when committing to an attack. 

Starting from the combat stance and move either foot forward to extend your stance.  Next you want to allow your hips to move forward with the movement of your feet.  Be sure not to step to far forward that you overcommit yourself. You want to be sure that you move into a position that you can easily move out of.  You want the movement to me smooth. 

While in the stance be sure to have your front  knee over your toe. Your front foot should be pointing directly forward.  Your back foot should be at an approximately 45-degree angle and you do not want your back knee to be locked. You also want the back heal of your foot to be planted firmly on the ground.  

You should practice transitioning from a combat stance to a front stance. Move from position to positioning and work both your right and left foot.  This movement should be smooth and your hips should not bounce up and down when moving.


Combat Fighting Stance


Front Stance

After practicing you can use the stance to assist in body conditioning by extending the stance and holding it for a longer period of time.  Start by holding the position for one minute and extend the time from there.  Push yourself each day to go longer and longer.  This type of body conditioning is great for building a strong base and will also improve the strength of your combat stance