Personal Defense workout 01- Body Conditioning

Self-Defense Workout.  Today we will be working on a couple training workouts for self-defense.  This is a simple workout to help condition your body for self-defense. The point of this training is to help you learn how to deliver strikes without really thinking about the strikes.  The key to self-defense is to be able to respond naturally and without thinking.  One way to do this is to repeat movements to the point you do not need to think about it.  Just like driving a vehicle. We have done it so many times we do not even think about using the gas or brake pedal. We use them without thinking. We want to do the same thing with self-defense training. We want the techniques to became part of our natural moment. 

I made this video a few years ago and decided to post it because I believe it will be very useful to you in developing you training and skills.

In this training we will be moving from the front to the right and to the left. I will be talking and giving you some pointers during the training.  Remember to work on controlling your breathing and keeping your body relaxed. Try and make the movements as natural as possible.  Your goal is to work to the point that you do not need to think about it.  After you have used this video a few times, work on creating your own training and switching things up.  You want to move spontaneously form one movement to another. 

The techniques we will be working on with this training will be the palm strikes, Elbow strikes, and knee strikes.