Bar Arm Takedown

Bar Arm Takedown. In this video we will be working on how to take a subject to the ground with a Bar Arm Takedown.  We will start with the basic principals and move into how to use the takedown in a real situation.  It’s important that when you first start learning this technique, you understand the principal and how the takedown works. After learning the basics, then you can start to explore variations of the takedown.  As you know I’m very big on reality-based training and I believe it is important that you ask yourself: How would I apply this in a real situation?   

This technique can be used to place an uncooperative subject on the ground and into a prone position where you can then handcuff the subject.  This technique can also be used in other professional environments where a combative subject needs to be taken to the ground and into a position of control.  After control is gained, a team then can assist with arresting the subject or escorting the subject from the area.  The subject can also be subdued on the ground in prone control position until assistants can respond to your location.

There are many ways the Bar Arm Takedown can be used in a professional environment.  There are many variation of the Bar Arm Takedown and this is just one example.

This video is intended as an example video only. Never practice or perform this technique with out receiving proper instruction from a professional instructor.