Kubotan Chin Lift Head Tilt Takedown

In this video we will be working on using a Kubotan or Yawara Stick to take a subject to the ground.  We will start by understanding how the technique works empty-handed and then move into using a weapon. 

This technique works by placing the palm of your hand or the stick under the subject's chin. You then direct the subject's chin up and lock the head back.  After obtaining the lock you want to drive the subject's head straight down towards the ground, compressing the neck and spine of the subject. 

Like any other technique you use, remember to feel and flow with the fight. Do not force any technique. Read your opponent and use what presents itself and what is available to you. If something is not working then be ready to change your actions or defense. 

How to hold the stick when conducting this technique. Place the stick between the pinky finger and the thumb of the hand.