Yawara Stick Training Video


Joe Bertoni, an experienced personal security & self defense trainer, demonstrates a list of basic steps using the Yawara stick in the video: http://youtu.be/2i5jU847hV8  According to him, when you are attacked it is the basics that save you. To combat an attack, you should have no more than two or three steps at hand. Joe feels that too many moves may not be adequate, as whatever happens in a real life scenario happens fast. He goes on to demonstrate two basic moves with the Yawara sticks. 

Video Notes: 

The video contains an illustration of the two basic steps. First, the trainer teaches us about the body movements and fist placement and then uses his son Damian to demonstrate how to put the move into use. 

The first move is a Jab Strike on to the throat, chest or face. In this strike you move forward or sideways and use the protruding end of the Yawara stick (which is clutched around the thumb) to jab at the attacker. This move can be effective when there is a straight or hook punch coming at you. If the attacker advances at you, you need to move one step back, block the punch and then jab with your other hand. 

The second move is Upward Roll over Strike. It uses the upward movement of the fist holding the Yawara stick. It can be used to combat front on or from the back attacks. The fist can be thrust on the temple, face, throat or chest (whichever area gives you maximum force). As the strike comes from an angle, it exerts good force. Using the same grip you can also make a Downward Strike too. It is ideal for attacks from the back or when the attacker has already clasped you. The strike can be dealt on the groin (downwards) or the throat (upwards). If you want to cause maximum damage you should always choose bony areas such as the elbow and joints. 

Key Training Points: 

Both these steps when used one after the other in quick succession can floor a strong adversary. If the attacker holds you with one hand and attacks with the other, then you have to move away in a way to avert the punch and instantaneously strike with the Jab and upward or downward movement. You may have the stick in one hand, but it does not mean that you have to keep holding it in the same hand all the time. It can change hand. The other hand can be used to strike some blows too. 

So, watch the video and start practicing these two basic steps.