Self-Defense Training - Handgun Disarming Technique

You are faced with an armed gunman who wants to take your life.  What do you do? Do you fight for your life?  You have nothing to lose because if you do nothing you are dead.

Lets take a look at disarming a gunman when he has a handgun pointed at you. In this video we will be working on a self-defense handgun disarming technique. There are several types of gun disarming techniques and this is just one. Remember when doing this type of training, you never use real weapons. Be sure you use a training gun. 

If you are going to attempt a gun takeaway, you should only do it when you have no other options and you have nothing to lose.  If someone uses a gun to rob you don’t fight and give them what they want.  If someone points a gun at you and they are intent on killing you, Then It is time to act. 

Here are some of the basic principals to performing a self-defense gun takeaway:

  1. Pivot your hips and shoulders to remove your body from the muzzle of the weapon

  2. At the same time you pivot, secure the gun hand of the subject and direct the gun and the subjects hand away from you.

  3. After securing the subjects hand with both of your hands, redirect the muzzle of the weapon to point towards the subject holding the weapon. 

  4. Next counter-turn your body and use a reverse wrist-lock to direct the subject to the ground. 

  5. Disarm the subject but be careful not to laser yourself with the muzzle of the weapon.

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Knife Defense Techniques

Knife Defense Techniques

Knife defense techniques - learning how to defend against a knife attack takes training and the right mindset. It is only one avenue or one of many skills that one should learn in the world of self-defense. When one faces a knife attack it is no longer a simple fight. The first thing that you need to be realized is that your mindset needs to change because Things just got real. This is now about life and death.

How To Use An Umbrella As A Weapon For Self-Defense

How To Use An Umbrella As A Weapon For Self-Defense

How to use an umbrella as a weapon. Have you ever wondered how to protect yourself with everyday objects?  Or have you asked yourself how to use an umbrella for self-defense.  In this self-defense video we will give you a couple basic self-defense techniques to get you started on learning how to defend yourself with an umbrella.