Defensive Tactics & Control Training For Professionals

Joe Bertoni provides defensive tactics training to government agencies and security firms. The training can includes reality based defense, the Yawara Sticks and or other small weapons. The training can also include arrest and control.

Each course can be customized to fit the policies and needs of the organization. Courses can include a certificate of training. 

Self-Defense Training For Private Groups & Organizations  

ladies self defense.jpg

Joe provides reality based self-defense training to private groups and organizations. These self-defense courses can be for both women and men or customized for just women. These courses blend physical self-defense training with discussions on personal safety principals. The courses will be held at your location.  Contact Joe to learn more. 

Other Types Of Training Provided

  • Private one on one training for citizens or professionals

  • Contracted training services for training providers

  • Seminar style training for martial art groups

  • Host a training seminar in your area