Resource Page 

On this page you will find specific product and resources that will help you meet your goals in learning self-defense and personal safety.  While I do recommend these product and resources, please do not purchase anything that you do not feel will bring you value. 


Krave Maga In No Time

Krav Maga In No Time is a krav maga video course that teaches directly from its Israeli source for the secrets of the self defense program that is so unique to Israeli military forces. This video course is one of the top rated home courses out there and a great start to learning reality based defense.

Survive The Unthinkable

Approximately 1.9 million women are physically assaulted annually in the United States alone. In Survive the Unthinkable, Tim Larkin empowers women to understand that surviving a potential attack isn't about being physically bigger, faster, or stronger; it's about knowing how to self-protect, not self-defend.