Three Personal Safety Tips That Might Save Your Life

In this video we will be covering three personal safety tips. These three areas can make the difference in your overall personal safety and security, but more importantly, these safety tips may make the difference in your survival if you are attacked or you find yourself in an unsafe situation. 

My Thought On Personal Safety Principals  

I feel the same way about personal safety as I do about reality based self-defense. It’s important to keep things simple and that means keeping personal safety principals simple and realistic. Any principal should be easy to learn and implement.

If the personal safety or security principals become too involved or the principals used are not realistic, then the chances are you will not use them in your daily life or in a real situation. I will cover this topic more in-depth later in other posts, but for now let’s just say:

The key to personal security and safety is to keep things simple and realistic!

When looking at any personal security or safety principals ask yourself: “ Would I really practice this principal or use these safety tips in my daily life.” I if the answer is no then you should probably discard the principal.  If the answer is yes then implement the principal. Ok lets get started with the three personal safety tips.

Personal Safety Tip One:

 Know your capabilities

The first thing you should know or ask yourself is “what are my capabilities and how far will I go to defend myself?” you may tell yourself that you could never take the life of another person. Even if it meant you were going to loose your life. 

However, your answer may quickly change if a new element is introduced. If the situation resulted in loosing the life of your child or someone you loved, you may quickly change your answer to yes I  could take a life. I’m not saying the answer is right or wrong or that everyone should be able to take the life of another. What I am saying is you should know the answer to this question before you find yourself in a situation where you may need to make that decision. If you wait until the situation happens, then the time you take to make that decision may make the difference in the outcome of the event. It may even be the difference between life and death.

Practice: Close your eyes and visualize different scenarios. Play them out in your head; be sure to really see the threat or danger in your mind’s eye and picture yourself actively taking a role in the event. See people you know in the event. You want to make the picture you see as real as possible. Picture yourself physically reacting to the situation you see. Create different outcomes and different ways to handle the situation. Picture the best possible outcome and the worst possible outcome. Decide in those moments what your capabilities are and see how far you are willing to go and what you are willing to do to protect your life or the life of a loved one.

By training your mind to respond and react you are training your body to do the same thing.  By practicing this training technique you will be better prepared to react to the situation because it will not be new to you. You will be less likely to have a shocked reaction that would result in delaying your response. You will be more prepared to respond and overcome the situation with less lag time. Overall you will learn what your capabilities are and what you are willing to do if your safety is threatened.

Note: Just because you think you could do something does not guarantee you will be able to in a real situation. The only way to truly know is if you are faced with a real situation. I hope you never need to find this out. You are best prepared when you have asked yourself the hard questions and you are able to answer them as honestly as you can.    

Personal Safety Tip Two

Have some basic self-defense skills

It is key that in personal safety you have some basic self-defense skills in your tool bag. It’s not necessary to be a master of self-defense but having some basic skill will help you be prepared should you find yourself in a situation where you need to defend yourself, defend a loved one, or escape from an attack.  Having some basic skills will also help build self-confidence. Having more self-confidence will add to your overall personal safety.

Option One: Take a basic self-defense course. Many martial arts schools will offer specialized courses focused on basic self-defense. These courses usual last from three to six hours. You can call around to some of the local martial arts schools in your area and ask if they offer such courses or if they know of anyone who does.  Some of these courses focus on self-defense for women and other courses are none gendered based.  You can also perform an Internet search for these courses.

Option Two: Look for videos on YouTube and practice some of the basic techniques found on the videos.  You can even search for websites like this one, which provide self-defense training videos and personal safety information.  I recommend that if you are using video training that you pick up a striking or kick bag so you can practice actually hitting and kicking a target.

Option Three: If you like to exercise, then try taking a boxing or kick boxing class. This is a great way to get a workout in and pick up a few skills in striking. Anything you do will add to your skills in self-defense and personal safety.  This is especially true if you have never been in a fight or you have never had to defend yourself. 

The important thing to remember is that you need to practice your skills, so find something that you would enjoy doing and something you will actually implement into your lifestyle. There are several other ways to obtain self-defense skill but these are a few you can explore and get started with.

Personal Safety Tip Three

Observation skills and being aware of your surroundings

I truly believe that when it comes to personal safety, the most important skill you can have and implement into your daily life is good observation and being aware of your surroundings.  I also believe that this is the skill that people are lacking today. In today’s world we are so distracted by technology such as smart phones that we do not pay attention to our surrounding. There are many other distractions, but technology is the biggest of all. If you do not believe me, then go to any place where people are walking around and observe how many people have their heads down looking at their phone. Walk up close to some of those people (don’t be a creeper) and you will be amazed of how close you can get to some of these people. You can walk up to and pass by some of these people and they will never even know you where there. 

Practice the following: When you are out and about you should keep your eyes up and scanning the area. Look for personal safety hazards. Pay attention to what events are taking place around you and what other people are doing. By keeping your eyes up and scanning the area, you will be more likely to see possible threats begin to unfold.  Don’t forget to really look and pay attention to details. The smallest detail may provide you with a hint of what is about to happen. It may provide you with a look into the future and in turn allow you to make good decision such as changing your direction of travel or to leave the area before you end up in the middle of a personal safety threat.

It has been my experience that most personal safety situations start to unfold before people ever realize what is happening. By practicing your observation skill, you will be ahead of 90% of other people around you. If you do nothing else and practice this one skill, you will improve your personal safety ability by ten fold. I truly believe this is the best skill to have.

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