Personal Safety Tip - How To Avoid Becoming A Victim

In this weeks personal safety tip, I will be discussing how to avoid becoming a victim. This is a process where you become your own security expert by observing others and paying attention to what they are doing.  By watching others we can learn what not to do and what to do to assist us in avoiding becoming a victim or someone’s target.

Personal Safety Exercise: This week while you are out in the public, I want you to watch what other people are doing. Ask yourself if you were the bad guy and you were looking for your next target, whom would you pick to be your victim?  Become different types of bad guys. Are you looking to rob someone for money? Perhaps you are a kidnapper. Think of all the different types of personal crimes that occur and become that bad guy who commits those crimes.  (Note: Create only one scenario at a time and play it out to its conclusion.) Ask yourself who would you pick and why would you pick them.  Observe them and ask yourself what they are doing that would make them your target. 

After you have identified a target, ask yourself why you would choose them. What is it that makes them a good target for you?  After you have answered that question, then ask yourself:  Is there anything I do that would more likely make me a target? Ask yourself:  What could I do or change in myself that would make me less likely to become the target for someone else. 

I hope you have enjoyed this personal safety exercise. I would love to hear how this exercise worked for you.   

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